Friday, January 10, 2014

[RealxHead/リアルヘッド] Limited

RealxHead - Mutant Evil (ME-L03)
RealxHead - Mutant Evil (ME-L03) Beautiful. Limited.
The subject of a particularly controversial ‘reproduction.’

In our first article we covered the meat-and-potatoes, “regular” RealxHead (RxH) release. If that article served to thoroughly confuse you on the topic of RxH release information, that was, unfortunately, the kiddy pool. Today we jump in the deep end.

Friday, February 22, 2013

[RealxHead/リアルヘッド] Regular

RxH - Gatchigon (MG-02) Regular, but superb.

Out of the companies producing toys in Japanese vinyl, it is possible that RealxHead can boast the greatest number of unique, production-level toys. This does not count one-off artist customs (i.e., one-off customs created by the same company responsible for the base figure) as there are companies that now produce entire shows filled with dozens of one-off customs; I don’t think it would be a fair comparison to say that they have released 120 figures in one go, when another company would have to create, say, 3,600 toys to have 120 new releases (for example, if each figure is run at 30 pieces, 120 new toys x 30 pieces each = 3,600 total toys).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Real Head New Decade

RxH - Oni-Head (MO-01)

Coming up on ten years...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

[RealxHead / リアルヘッド] Unsung Heroes (and Villains)

Most collectors probably consider 2006 to mark the end of ‘classic’ RealxHead releases. These three figures were released very early in 2007, and are typically lumped by collectors with the less sought-after ‘modern’ era RxH (2007-09). However, I posit that they are as deserving of adulation as any figure released prior thereto.

RxH - Mutant Head (MH-20)

RxH - Mutant Head (MH-20)

Mutant Head [ミュータントヘッド], catalogue number MH-20, was the first of the three to be released as a phone-order sale in January 2007. Because Mori did not use online sales (which he still does not), collectors actually had to call him on the phone to buy these figures. Super7 was able to purchase a small allotment of this MH for semi-public sale on their online forum.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

[Transformers] White Bumblebee

Transformers - Bumblebee (white)

Last weekend was the San Jose Super Toy Show, hosted by Time Tunnel Toys at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. To me, the show is basically something to do on a Saturday morning. If the dealer isn’t flipping new Transformers or hauling thousands of dead stock Robocop figures, they usually know what they have and price it accordingly. In other words, don’t expect to find rocket-firing Boba Fetts at the bottom of a plastic tub of $2 toys. But every once in a while, you do find something genuinely cool.