Saturday, March 10, 2007


There's no kaiju like gently-used kaiju. Unless it's a Deathquid.

Dengu still has that weird Japan-smell- not a smoky smell, but the smell that old manga develops in second-hand stores.

Aaaand, crazy super glow!

So there's a bunch of killer new stuff coming out pretty soon. Gargamel has its 2-pack of the mini-Dragamel and Killer in clear bubble-gum pink being released at Thrash-out in Nippon this month. Clear pink! My weakness. Bwana and Biskup both have additional collaborative items to be trotted out at the store. Mori of the R to the H has also announced something neat-o to be released soon, in a delicious colorway that I desire. Yes. Man, I just got done with finding those freakin' Pumkin Headz from Wonderfest...

And finally, has anyone seen that stupid commercial with that weight-lifter guy listening to Fall Out Boy on his V-cast someshitorother mobile phone? They play it like 200 times daily on the stations I watch, and I can't stand it. "IT ... GETS ...ME ..PUMPED!" Ugh. Hey buddy, see that wrench? Yeah, that's what you are.

I think I need to have a beer. It's not good to have commercials upset you.

More to come later today after I edit down some photos.

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