Wednesday, May 9, 2007

[Review] Ice Scream

Well, I had a very nice article written up for this figure, but Yahoo Japan's auction counter just crashed Firefox and caused me to lose all of my work. So here's some pictures. EFF YOU YAHOOOOooooo.

Just took some quick photos, since Flatwoods will be invading my office tomorrow morning, along with a few of his friends.

This Flatwoods Monster was a recent, and stealthy, release in David Horvath's contribution to Wonderwall's Kaiju for Grow-Ups series. Supposedly it was a edition of 50, but paint mess-ups and pieces that escaped to the collection of Horvath and Wonderwall lowered that number to around 40-ish, by my estimate. So, a nice quiet little release, that was only publicized on Horvath's own blog and released in a covert drop-off at Giant Robot's LA store. I actually had to do a bit of wheeling and dealing to grab one of these- I believe they were only sold online for a few minutes, but I had mine locked down long before that. Nyah ha.

Horvath, as it turns out, is a great fan of the paranormal and strange, although few would guess this from the whimsical paradise created for his Ugly Dolls characters. I guess he took advantage of his commission with Wonderwall to release this creative urge in several fruity flavors of Mothman and Flatwoods Monsters toys. Many, if not most, of the Flatwoods were based on elements of the Flatwoods Monster encounter story. Although I'm not sure that this particular clear colorway has a basis in paranormal-reality, it does bear a resemblance to a certain Marmit-produced toy...

One thing that irks me about the clear vinyl used for this toy is that it shows off every imperfection, bubble and dust speck on its surface. On the other hand, I can hardly wait to stuff it with sparkly things, and maybe my little Marmit Flatwoods toy? Maybe when he gets back from work.

Oh, and the figure comes with a nice header and some lineart from Horvath.

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