Saturday, November 15, 2008


Super 7 x Brian Flynn - Squirm (unpainted clear blue)

Testing out my new black background photo setup.

I know everyone really cares about this, but I'm slowly trying to standardize my image collection. For now, I'm going with mid-size, with watermarks and captions. The captions are more a way for me to keep track of what is what. I always hate finding photos of cool toys, but with no way to determine name, maker, origin, etc. I'm a guy who organizes my music files by arist, album and song title. What do you expect?

I'm still on the fence about all this text on my photos, but I figure this provides an easy way for people to link to the photos without having to credit/shout out/give mad propz to my blog and flickr account. So go ahead and link to my photos! Don't be shy.

If the load time is slow, you hate the captions, or whatever, leave a comment. I want to know about these things.

For comparison, here is the raw image from my camera of the above photo:

Raw image of Squirm

I also fooled around a bit (with protection, of course) in Photoshop to generate the below image... can you tell how I did it? It was mostly an accident. But I did think it gave Squirm the look of a free-floating bioluminescent critter. Unintentional science.

Photo tweak of Squirm

Item: [Super 7 x Brian Flynn - Squirm (unpainted clear blue prototype)]

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