Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In the bag

Gargamel in 2010!

As is yearly tradition, Gargamel released a New Year's Lucky Bag this year on January 3rd. Unlike the customary 'fukubukuro' used to get rid of excess store inventory in Japan, these lucky bags are filled with new sculpts and new versions of old toys... and sometimes rare prototypes and one-offs!

Unlike past years, I actually had the chance to drive into SF to see this event unfold first-hand at the Super7 store. But as it turned out- for the first time in history- the bags were only sold online! Usually there is a big turnout for this (everyone loves Gargamel) and I was really looking forward to seeing the excitement and hoopla as people ripped into their bags. So pretty much a bummer.

But a few of us did show up, and I was able to watch a lucky someone pull this beautiful Kiyoka Ikeda 1/1 Zagoran from his bag. The colors are intended to evoke the likeness of a vintage toy, which is an added level of significance that I appreciate.

On the way home, I bought a Sanrio fukubukuro for the woman. Cost me $20 and was probably the better choice. I think so, anyway.

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