Sunday, January 29, 2012

[RealxHead / リアルヘッド] Pheyaos Man (フェオスマン)

RealxHead - Pheyaos Man (micro store release 12-11)

RealxHead - Pheyaos Man (micro store release 12-11)

Released in December 2011, this Pheyaos Man [フェオスマン] features a head cast in red glitter vinyl with its face painted a steely metallic blue. It's a really cool effect that suggests a corona of energy surrounding the hero's head, as seen with many fiery superheroes.

There were two additional eyes included with this figure (I suppose, in the event you want to swap them out)- one yellow-green cat eye and one standard red eye. A thoughtful addition that I'm sure many collectors will appreciate, but I think the standard yellow eye matches best. The wood-style business card has also been replaced with a white card, which I assume is a running change.

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