Sunday, July 1, 2007

[7/1/07] Superfestival 43 Release List

As many of you probably know, Superfestival Numbah 43 rained down a new assortment of vinyl goodies upon us this past weekend. Most of these have been displayed in the photo galleries, which have been timely provided by datadub and Kaiju-Taro.

But, for those of you on a slower connection (or if you're just lazy), here is a list of the major vinyl releases from SF43:

BloBpus / Munie Maderie

Blobpi 3-set (Takoyaki set, GID w/ spray)
Blobpus (GALA ver., solid black w/ gold/orange spray)
Dokugan (Atomize ver., clear green w/ silver wipe)
Kaijin Blobpus (Sunglow ver.)
Kaijin Blobpus (unpainted GID)
Mini-Docross (Hellion ver., solid black w/ purple spray)


Dorogami (solid pink w/ black/white spray)
Dorogami (clear green w/ blue/gold spray)
Nougaki (camo spray)
Nougaki (Nerd One x Cronic, clear red w/ silver spray and resin head part)
Zyuraiasu (solid dark blue w/ spray) (edition of 10)

Dream Rocket

Gabari (OG color)


Gaigan (secret release, black w/ spray)
Jet Jaguar (RealxHead colorway, black w/ metallic spray) (edition of 50?)
Jet Jaguar (secret release, black w/ green splatter) (edition of 25)
Mosugoji (red w/ spray)
Mosugoji (secret release, red w/ spray)


Bigaro (solid black w/ metallic spray)
Ekitai Ningen Pop Soda (solid red w/ black/gold spray)
Ekitai Ningen Pop Soda (unpainted solid red)
Mutant Chaos (unpainted glittery red)
Mutant Head (solid black w/ green splatter)
Pop Soda walker (solid red w/ yellow spray)
Pop Soda walker (clear green w/ red spray)
Ryusei Ninja (solid black unpainted, green eye)


Skuttle (Taipei Toy Festival release, clear purple w/ inner GID mold)
Skuttle X (Taipei Toy Festival release, clear orange painted)
Skuttle X (clear orange unpainted)

Vinyl Junkies

Skull Zombi Viking (red w/ black wash)
Skull Zombi Viking (yellow w/ red wash)

For those of you who are Marmit, M1Go, etc. fans, sorry, but I didn't have the stamina to categorize those releases.

Finally, several toymakers gave previews of their upcoming releases. Sadly, these were not for sale.

Cronic - Dorome (flesh unpainted)
RealxHead - Jinja R (flesh unpainted)
Sunguts Honpo - Camguts, Betagon and Beta Seijin set, KT anniversary exclusive release...

That about wraps it up for now. Next up, Taipei Toy Festival from 7/5 to 7/8 in Taiwan!

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