Monday, July 30, 2007

[Review] K-T x EXOHEAD Galtan

As referenced in the entry below, Kaiju-Taro recently celebrated its first year of operations on July 15th and 16th by releasing a bevy of website exclusive toys. Among these were a pair of EXOHEAD Galtans in bright shiny new colorways. Not surprisingly, these were the first gone, mere hours after the preorders opened, and in seconds on the release night. They also achieved levels of flippage heretofore unseen even in the flippy world of neo-kaiju vinyl (think 6 x retail).

I was originally planning only to pick up the OG colors of the Galtan in clear purple, but on an impulse I bought both colorways (yes, oink oink). Toybot has already put up his own spiffy gallery of the purple version here, so I'll be taking care of its udder bruddah.

You've probably all heard the hype on these toys before, so I'll just add a few of my own comments.

First, I love the packaging. EXO and K-T went above and beyond by packaging the Galtans in color-coordinated baggies, attached to a full backing with a holographic bromide. The holographic card totally rocks that early 90s styling- reminds me of the special inserts in trading card packs!

Second, the entire figure is made of clear green vinyl, with just the faintest of silver spray on some areas. In particular, the vinyl on the head is ridiculously paper thin, and the silver spray is just light enough to make it translucent in the right lighting. The photos don't show this well, but it's amazing.

Of the two colorways, I was less sure about this one, but the vibrant greens and dark reds really make it stand out. I hope EXOHEAD kept some of that clear purple and green vinyl for some future releases, eh?

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