Monday, November 5, 2007

[LivefromTokyo!] I'm here.

It's about 3:50 a.m. HT (10:50 p.m. JPT), and I'm trying desperately to stay up for another hour or so, but I'm so damn tired. I think I'm watching Japanese track racing on TV... you know, the kind with cars. I just downed a glass of Airborne-spiked tap water so I don't die. But tomorrow, I hit up Nakano, so it's all good.

This is a shot of the scenery outside my 36th story hotel room window. Large cities, Tokyo in particular, are always fascinating to me. There's sort of an alien beauty in a nighttime cityscape with various bits of light here and there, and the trickle of traffic down the various streets and highways. It's incredible to look out at the buildings and realize that in each one of the lit rooms, there is probably a person with their own life and story; that each building was built and planned over a span of 40-50 years to form the collective structure of Tokyo city. It's like the gradual erosion that created the Grand Canyon, but in reverse, and I suppose, a little faster. I guess I'm sort of a night hawk.

Snapped this crummy photo of the shopping center beneath my hotel. Sleek and modern- apparently it was built only about 10 years ago. There is also a Toys R Us. I am so going there. Gundam toys at Japanese retail. Yes, please.

I was poking around in a market after dinner and found this on an end cap. Bacon flavored bread?? Holy shit. The world must know.

Ok, one more hour then the sweet release of sleep.

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Looking forward to hearing about your trip!