Sunday, March 23, 2008


Short weekend trip out to Washington as a family reunion of sorts...

All of the trees outside our hotel were in full bloom with some sort of flower. I thought they were plum blossoms at first, but now that I look at the photos, maybe not. What are these?

Dinner at Anthony's Hearthfire Grill. It was located at a particularly picturesque location along Budd Inlet (thank you, Google Maps) and we were seated along these amazing 20-foot tall bay windows as we ate. Very nice in the early evening.

View seaward from the shore next to the restaurant. Reminds me of The Mist.

Bunch of pebbles along the water's edge. I dunno, I thought this made a nice photograph opportunity. I like rocks.

And finally, dinner. I guess the rest of the food was tasty and pretty reasonably priced, but the beer that I drank with dinner really stood out. I think the name was Fish Tale IPA. It was delicious for a darker beer, and had some sweet, almost fruity, notes in its flavor. Anthony's also makes an excellent burnt creme dessert.

Although I missed out on some choice toys that went on sale this weekend (GID Gatchigon- boo!), the scenery and time spent with loved ones made it worthwhile. For really reals.

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