Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Please Mr. Postman There Are Kaiju Sleeping!

Today was one of those magical days when the postal service decided to deliver everything at once- right along with a healthy serving of eyerolls from my co-workers. Yeah, that's right- go drink/snort your money away next weekend. Or whatever it is that male humans do with United States currency.

And there are a couple of rad little Cronic monsters in here. The Nougaki in front was a standard release from the "A" Type Lucky Bags from earlier this year. Pearl orange vinyl with mottled pinks, purples and golds- I can't decide if it reminds me of a tropical fish or a poisonous fruit. Next in line is the Dorome released last month at Rotofugi's booth at Wondercon 2008. This is the best Dorome yet- the subtle metallic paints and sage-green pearl base vinyl flow together beautifully.

To the left is the Rotofugi exclusive Marnon, also from Wondercon. Featuring a new forked tongue (following the normal tongue and rather penile 'eyeball' tongue), Marnon is made of clear candy apple green vinyl with chewy GID vinyl poured inside. Painted version here.

In back we have a big M1Go Baltan Seijin 2nd done up in crystal clear emerald green vinyl with a bit of silvery spray on top. I believe they were one of the larger prizes for M1Go's popular ring toss game from the last Wonderfestival.

I also finally bought one of those K-T Original tumblers. It's pretty sturdy and high-quality for only $10. And it's totally cool to drink from a plastic character cup.

And my quest to spend all of my money before tax time continues. If you don't have any money, they can't make you pay income tax, right? What? Jail? Crap.

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