Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Beet It.

Beet Gadol & Beet Zeguna

I found the second toy in this line (Beet-Gugal, pincer beetle) a long time ago, but had no luck in tracking down nos. 1 and 3. They're around if you stalk the Japan auctions, but after mentally calculating the middleman fees, my desire to own them inevitably waned.

Then I somehow managed to luck into these- virtually case-fresh- at a fairly unlikely joint. Small crush and tear on the Gadol, but the boxes were too pristine for me to turn it down. Not bad for 25 year old toys.

If you are wondering why I am not searching for the obviously missing 4th Beet, it does not exist (except as a Transformer). Sadly, I will never be able to spell out the secret message on the side of the boxes.

BEETR... BEETRO? BEETRAN? Oh, whatever could it be?

Beet Gadol & Beet Zeguna

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