Sunday, February 21, 2010

[M1Go / M1号] Baltan Seijin 2 [2代目バルタン星人]

M1Go - Baltan Seijin 2 (WF 2005 ltd prize)

Baltan Seijin 2 [2代目バルタン星人] is, by far, my favorite toy by M1Go [M1号]. This is an original sculpt from M1 that depicts the second form of Baltan Seijin.

Everything just feels right when you hold this guy in your hand. The vintage Marusan standard mold of Baltan 1 always seemed a bit off to me because of the weird, rounded head and gangly arms. M1Go's Baltan 2 captures the angular cicada-like head and torso of the character, while maintaining that bit of vintage chunk in the sculpt. I think it is the chunkier legs and arms that really draw me to this toy. They convey a sense of fun and durability. It is a toy that seems to say, "Pick me up!" Or maybe that's a telepathic command- it is Baltan after all.

celga-5 1-1-08

Although probably the most common version of M1's Baltan 2, this is also the best one. It was sold as a mail-away figure for Hyper Hobby magazine a few years ago, packaged with an orange mini Baltan 2 (sadly, my figure was missing the mini). The surprisingly tropical colors are patterned after a vintage Bullmark Baltan sparker vinyl. Funnily enough, although the vintage toy was presumably intended to be Baltan 1, it ended up looking more like M1's Baltan 2 sculpt because of the modifications required to accommodate the sparking mechanic. It is an eye-catching color scheme tied into a fitting vintage toy homage.

M1Go - Baltan Seijin 2 (WF 2005 ltd prize)

This lottery prize from a 2005 Wonderfestival is another standout piece. It is essentially a painted version of the more common unpainted blue Baltan 2. M1 used metallic paints that give the toy a liquid, glossy look in some areas- very appropriate given the mechanical/insectile nature of the character. As you might guess, this one is tough to find- I have only seen one for sale in the past 2 years.

If you like Baltan 2, you will be happy to know that there is a low entry threshold for casual collecting; completing the lineup, however, will take massive amounts of patience. I recommend that you seek out the Hyper Hobby green sparker version (above) first. If it doesn't grab you immediately- consider yourself saved some time, money and mental anguish.


Doc Atomic said...

Before I sold off all my vinyl, this was one of my all-time favorite sculpts. I had the Baltan/Ultraman two-piece set: Clear Baltan with metallic and translucent blue sprays and pipe-cleaner inserts. Ultraman was solid red/clear with gold pipe cleaners and (I think) tinsel. Can't quite remember... But it was a fantastic set, and the Baltan was definitely my favorite of the two.

Man, I kinda miss my vinyl!

RobotXMonster said...

I know the set that you are referencing in your post- it is VERY nice. Still regret passing on it when it was offered at retail.

Jake said...

Hey, have you guys seen the M1GO Gezora? I found it today on this site.

What do you think? Is it worth?

Personally I might get the Mothra but not sure if the Gezora is my kind of thing.

RobotXMonster said...

I'm not exceptionally keen on the Bullmark sculpt for Gezora, but those colors are excellent. Great prices, too.