Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ooh, a Cupcake

I must be dumb. Despite a rather poor outcome when I splurged on sofubi lucky bags in 2008 (see this post for an explanation on the LB practice), I again took the bait with Shikaruna Koubou [シカルナ工房] this year. Each LB contained 1 large size figure and 2-3 mini figures.

Fortunately, Shikaruna did not disappoint!

Shikaruna Koubou - Khappa (2010 LB)

Shikaruna Koubou - Khappa (2010 LB)

Shikaruna Koubou - Khappa (2010 LB)

Shikaruna Koubou - Khappa (2010 LB)

First pull out of the bag was this gorgeous clear vinyl Khappa [渇覇]. Khappa is an original design from Shikaruna's Genjuu [幻獣] (meaning 'illusion beast') line- of course, it is based heavily on the kappa water spirit from Japanese folklore. An interesting note is that the characters for "Khappa"- individually meaning "thirst" and "supremacy"- are different from those of the normal kappa [河童].  People seem to like this version quite a bit.

Shikaruna Koubou - Chiwos mini (2010 LB)

Introduced in this year's LB was a mini version of their giant Chiwos [チヲス] toy. Unlike the normal version (seen below, in a similar paint scheme), which is nearly 14 inches tall, this one fits into my case quite easily.


Lastly, there were two mini figures of "Sekai no Kaiju" characters: a Bagun 1 [バグン1号] and Mighty [マイティー]. The Bagun is a special paint one-off; typically, each Shikaruna LB has a chance to contain one SP toy.

Shikaruna Koubou - SP Bagun 1 mini (2010 LB)

Shikaruna Koubou - Mighty mini (2010 LB)

A great pull of figures overall and definitely worth the price of the bag.

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