Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[Glyos] Phase Wars

Glyos - Phase Crusher

Maybe it's the recent Iron Man movie, but I've been going pretty crazy with phase armor builds recently.

I've tentatively christened this build the "Phase Crusher." Essentially, it is the 'what if' result when Phanost steals/copies a prototype Phase Armor Mk. II and bulks it up with additional weaponry. Of course, the increased weight of the armor necessitates additional boosters to help the user maneuver in combat. The clear orange bits are supposed to represent prototype/overheated booster units. (I cribbed the design of his jet pack from one that Matt posted on the Glyos blog. Shhhh.)

Glyos - Phase Crusher

Rather fortuitously, the Phanost mini-wave came out at around the time that I was considering this build. Not only did it provide more 'Pheyden Blue' parts, but also the design for the modified Morphisar Cannon that comprises Phanost's right arm. In my mind, the story is that Phanost destroyed a Morphisar drone and incorporated its technology into the Phase Crusher. The light blue Callgrim pieces were unexpectedly quite useful in giving added bulk to Phanost's arm and leg joints.

Glyos - Phase Crusher

This is not quite a finished product since the chest should actually be the same dark grey as the rest of the armor. I would then substitute the light blue Phanost head for contrast- and because the 'original' Phanost (and Scar Pheyden) are colored in this fashion.

Let the Phase Wars begin!

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