Saturday, June 19, 2010

[RealxHead / リアルヘッド] RHND

RxH - Oni Head

It is more than a little ironic that Mori Katsura's first toy- the Oni Head- is probably the least discussed RxH character. I was recently reminded of this fact by onwi of Skullbrain BBS, who took the time to craft this incredibly polished interview of Mr. Mori at his Aoto shop:

By some divine coincidence, the no.1 OH came up for sale on a Japanese website at around the same time. This must have been fate. So I can now say that I own the very first RxH production toy.

The first thing that struck me upon receiving OH was that it looks just like the Hone-Borg. Well, not exactly. But the slimmer body type and Noh-mask facial features are clearly shared. And the two figures definitely have a historical connection being respectively the first RxH toy and first Shinto Gangu release (well, one of them). Could it be.... HENSHIN??

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