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[Glyapaedia] Pheyden Standard Mk. I

Onell Design Glyos - Pheyden Std Mk I (Founders 12-09)

Time to rewind.

I don't think any overview of the Glyos universe could be complete without an understanding of its (arguably) central character. Pheyden, as recently disclosed by Matt Doughty in an interview, is a composite of his childhood creation and the "mechanical ghost" of a character created by his wife.[1] Over time, Pheyden has emerged as the hero character of the Glyos universe and toy line.

Onell Design Glyos - Pheyden Std Mk I (Founders 12-09)

Onell Design Glyos - Pheyden Std Mk I (Founders 12-09)

So who or what is Pheyden? Not much has been established in official canon with regard to the identities of characters. This is what is generally known:

- Pheyden is capable of phasing through time (including, it appears, separate time streams) and the "Edge of Space." This has led to the interaction of alternate-universe versions of Pheyden (the blog says that he has "split" into many versions of himself, but I think this was probably worded as such to simplify the explanation, rather than imply that Pheyden is a multiversal singularity).[2]

- There are Pheydens and there is the first Pheyden. The opening sequence of Glyaxia shows a Pheyden among the members of Glyaxia Command without any recognition that he is the Pheyden (although it is possible that this is simply one of many Pheydens from another time/universe). Numerous references are also made to the "first" or "original" Pheyden throughout the official materials.[3] Therefore, it can probably be assumed that the different toys of Pheyden are not all meant to represent different versions of a single character- although this could theoretically be the case.

This also raises the question of whether Pheyden is a type of being or a proper name. Pheyden is commonly referred to as a "Traveler." His original toy box also designated him as a "Space Traveler."

- Pheyden is tasked with "keeping infinity in order."[4]

- Pheyden is roughly 6'6" to 7 feet in height (but can shift his size at will).[5]

- Pheyden is probably mechanical. He is not a Sincroid (i.e., artificial being).

- Several Glyos characters are, in reality, alternate or future versions of Pheyden.

We have been told that the background on these characters is kept deliberately vague to facilitate our own creativity in playing with Glyos toys (much like Microman/Micronauts and Diaclone). However, there is an internal 'official' story that Matt has developed and leaks from time to time.

Onell Design Glyos - Pheyden Std Mk I (Founders 12-09)

Pheyden Standard was first sold[6] at the San Diego Comic Convention in 2007, the original wave of Glyos toys. Subsequently, a Mark II and Mark III version of Pheyden Std. were released via the Onell webstore in October 2008 and August 2009, respectively.[7] Mark I differs markedly from later versions as it is made from a very hard PVC and nearly grey in color (see comparison photo with new Phase Arm pack). Mark II and Mark III can be differentiated by eye color[8] and possibly a slightly different material color. Select items from the first 2007 wave (including Mark I) were 'reissued' in December 2009 under the Founders banner. Technically, these were not reissues, but 'seconds' that were not deemed to be of saleable quality initially.[9]


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Great, academic style post about Pheyden.

One point of clarification -
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