Saturday, August 21, 2010

[Glyapaedia] Voss up?

Onell Design / Glyos - Voss Exellis (SDCC 2008 ltd 07-08)

In the Glyos universe, the Voss are an alien race that travel the cosmos in a living biovessel. Not to be confused with the tasty Earthen brand of bottled water.

A Voss color scheme- clear aqua and colorless clear- was adapted for production Glyos figures. Exellis, officially sold in October 2008, was the only normal release to receive Voss coloration. Voss Exellis was previously sold at SDCC in July 2008, packed with one or more production level Sarvos, Scar Pheyden and/or Phanost heads in 'Voss' aqua PVC (clear red PVC heads were also available). The set I picked up happened to have both a Sarvos and Scar head in the bag!

Onell Design / Glyos - Voss Scar Pheyden head (SDCC 2008 ltd 07-08)

Onell Design / Glyos - Voss Sarvos head (SDCC 2008 ltd 07-08)

Who are these mysterious Sincroids and Travelers and why do they resemble the alien Voss? Could they be clones created from imprints stored by the shapeshifting biovessels?

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