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[Glyapaedia] Dome Conversion Set

One of the best releases in the Glyos system came together at the beginning of June 2010 when Onell Designs and Rawshark Studios collaborated to produce a epic crossover battle between the power-hungry General Phanost and mercenary-of-questionable-motivations, Callgrim. The story of this crossover event manifested itself in several Onell blog posts (here, here, here and here) and two Passcode mini-games (Glyaxia: Armor of Fate and Attack on Altervoth). Toys, of course, were involved.

Rawshark Studios x Onell Design / Glyos - Dome Conversion Set

The Dome Conversion Set (also known as the DSR Dome / Dome Runner / Morphisar Conversion Set) was one of several toys released during the General Phanost crossover. In this photo is everything that you receive in the set, which was packed to bursting in a double-wide zip bag. Here's the technical run-down of the contents:

1 x Caliber Dome (reconfiguration of Callgrim / Order figure)
1 x Hybrid Sarvos head and torso
2 x Phase Arm sets (Pheyden blue)
1 x Phanost head (Pheyden blue)
1 x Phanost head (grey)
1 x Callgrim head (grey)
4 x Beanbot Spoon Racer wheels (clear smoke)

Rawshark Studios x Onell Design / Glyos - Dome Conversion Set

Rawshark Studios x Onell Design / Glyos - Dome Conversion Set

In the official story, the DSR Domes, Dome Runners and Morphisar clones are the result of Phanost's merging of Phase and Dome technology following his takeover of the Order's moon base. The Morphisar clone, is a modified Echo Morph with shape-changing abilities, so I imagine the other forms to be transformations of this base form.

The Dome Conversion Set features the largest number of parts in any Glyos or Callgrim release to date. It also allowed newer collectors to buy the key parts for Hybrid Sarvos, originally sold and sold out in late 2009. All parts were cast in the lovely Mospeada-esque Pheyden Blue, further making the sets extremely versatile for builders.

While this set may be long gone, check out the Elite Sentry Sarvos set (available now @ Callgrim webstore), which contains nearly all of the same parts in 'combat ace red' PVC!

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