Sunday, June 5, 2011

[RealxHead / リアルヘッド] Chaos Trooper

RxH - Chaos Trooper (micro store release 05-11)

Future mutants from another universe! Since the tear in the space-time fabric caused by Pheyden’s exploration into the Mutant Zone, Phase-powered Chaos hybrids have streamed into the Glyos universe and back into the Mutant Zone. Are these peaceful brothers of Mutant Chaos or are they evil hybrid clones? And more importantly, who is behind the Chaos invasion???

The second crossover figure collaboration between RealxHead and Onell Design recently marched into the Mutant Zone- the Chaos Trooper [カオストルーパー]! Originally conceived as a Glyos-scale toy with custom urethane accessories, the Chaos Trooper has come full circle to be realized as a full-size RxH vinyl figure.

Onell Design - Glyos CC3 Metalluma LR Recon Chaos (2-10)

Onell Design - Glyos CC3 Wrecker Chaos (2-10)

As fans of both Glyos and RxH will vividly recall, the Chaos Trooper originated in Glyos Custom Corps. 3.0 which merged RxH’s Mutant Chaos with Glyos-scale bodies. New Glyos-compatible parts were sculpted with the assistance of Lamour Supreme and resulted in two primary build types: the Chaos Soldier and Chaos Trooper. The Trooper features both a Chaos head and swivel-jointed probe arm on a Glyos body; the Soldier utilizes only the head.

RxH x Onell Design - Chaos Trooper (micro store release 5-2010)

RxH x Onell Design - Chaos Trooper (micro store release 5-2010)
The full-size Chaos Trooper recently debuted at Superfestival 56 in April of this year (2011) as a limited sale of unpainted beige-flesh vinyl versions (although this version would also see a release through Onell’s webstore in May 2011). This is the second version of the figure released, and the first painted version. Although it has only been around for a little more than a month, there are now at least 14 officially released versions of this figure!

RxH x Onell Design - Chaos Trooper (micro store release 5-2010)

RxH - Chaos Trooper (micro store release 05-11)

The proportions of full-size RxH bodies are a perfect fit for the up-sized Trooper. While the details of the original Glyos figure are recognizable, they are also streamlined, which reminds me of adaptations made in the animation model for older cartoons. This toy uses nearly 100% new parts, which is very surprising given the cost of developing new molds. I believe even the head is a slightly resculpt from the original Chaos Man.

Chaos Trooper introduces so many possibilities with a new probe arm part and a nearly full set of Glyos-style armor- I can’t wait to see what those mad scientists at Onell Design and RxH come up with next!

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