Saturday, February 3, 2007

[Review] A Case of Pink-Ai

Well, haven't posted anything of substance so far this week, so I thought I'd do a short something before I go off to do responsible things with my Saturday.

My bender of purchasing translucent pink vinyl figures continues. The only good thing about this obsession is that there are relatively few clear pink figures. Try doing this with rainy-day figures, and you'd soon find yourself in the debtor's prison. If they still had such things.

First up is the SDCC 2006 exclusive Gargamel Mini-Bakobaso.

One of Gargamel's 'things' is that they often produce standard and mini-size figures of the same characters. In this case, the Mini-Bako is the tiny-ized version of the larger Bako shown a few posts back. This one also happened to be a convention exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con, and was sold to me by a very nice fellow skullbrainer.

Mini-bako is clear pink with a tasteful application of white and red spray. The Bakos are actually my favorite of the minis. From just the right angle, they look like puppies waiting for food, or something. So I've been told, anyway. I've never had a puppy. Thanks Mom and Dad. You never got me that Komodo dragon that I asked for when I was 10 either.

Next, we have the brand-spankin' new TTToys Lava-flow Grus. Yes, that is spelled with three 'T's.

The Grus are from TTToys' Invading Monster series- which sets them apart from other kaiju, which are totally not all space monsters. Some people have likened it to a sex toy, which I do not appreciate. Grus come in OG blue, shadow black, green/pink spark guts (want!), Hawaii-color sunset, and lava-flow pink. I think that's all of them.

This one has pretty much the bomb-ass color scheme of all those mentioned above. They did a great job of integrating the pinks, silvers, and such into a seamless blend. If you catch it from different angles (see pics), it can either look like a solid piece with the iridescent surface spray, or fairly transparent. Eh, hard to explain.

Nobody ever shows this, but the underside is pretty interesting as well. Kinda looks like a crab or something when you flip it over. Why do I feel dirty for photographing the underside of my toys?

Coming soon: the biggest piece of translucent pink vinyl created to date. Think about that one.


Jennifer said...

I have both those guys, and oh how I love them. Pink is the new black. :)

krakit said...

the Grus toy looks fantastic!

I'm going to start looking for it.