Saturday, February 17, 2007

[Review] Doguma Dogma

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to write that title. I am so cleavar.

Doguma " the Strikeback" version is Japanese vinylist Dream Rocket's latest release in its Akakage Kaiju series. Various colorways of the Doguma have been released in the past, but none so cool as this one.

Doguma is essentially a giant centipede with extra spikes, and a set of arms and legs. Bwuh? Yeah, it's a centipede with semi-humanoid arms and legs. Definitely works as a mutant centipede.

The most interesting thing about this particular release is the construction and materials used by Dream Rocket. Using a technique that is not seen nearly enough, this Doguma was constructed out of a stunted GID vinyl core and wrapped in clear pink vinyl. As pics in this thread on will show, the effect is quite stunning, even without spray.

With spray, however, the toy is taken to a whole new level. One of Dream Rocket's talents is a very subtle touch with color. The light teal and metallic greenish-brown used on the Doguma go perfectly with the underlying material.

Despite the relative brevity of this review, Doguma the Strikeback is one my favorite figures from the past year. He displays beautifully and isn't too heavy on your wallet either, at about JPY 6500 retail.

Here's some group shots of my Akakage Kaiju collection: Doguma, Gmos and Agon. See how they glow!

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