Saturday, February 24, 2007

[Review] Pink Poison

Hmm, I haven't updated this in a while. Maybe there's a reason? ;D And I totally need to use that smiley more often.

So, I saw Ghost Rider last weekend. It's a decent enough movie, and truer to the original comic storyline than I realized at the time (being more familiar with the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider). But how do I say this? Isn't Nick Cage a bit... old... to be playing a stunt rider? And moreover, I don't remember Johnny Blaze being balls-out crazy- a persona that Cage plays to a T. Oh Marvel, why did you not save him for Iron Man? I flinch in anticipation of seeing Robert Downey Jr. don the metal mantle (especially after the horrid Iron Man animated DVD that was released earlier this year).

Anyway, last kaiju review for a bit maybe: Blobpus' 2007 Superfes Dokugan in all of its clear pink vinyl glory.

Sometimes, I think the headers for these figures are not given enough attention. The one that came with the Dokugan is particularly good- I believe it is artwork from the manga drawn by the Blobpus creators.

Dokugan is yet another drippy vinyl creation from the talents at Blobpus, who have brought us Blobpus, Blobpi, The Last Kaiju, and most recently, Docross, in months past. Although its torso appears to be shared with the TLK sculpt, Dokugan has bat wings and a freaky bubbly head. It also bears a passing resemblance to Matango from the right angles. Dokugan debuted at a Japanese hobby show in mid-summer of 2006 and has since appeared in several forms since, including a Halloween version (which I need need need), a "Frost" version, a Christmas version, and glittery New Year and Chinese New Year versions.

Although I am not particularly a fan of Blobpus' other sculpts (I don't care for Hedorah much either), Dokugan has always had a certain appeal. I think it's the glass eye that they use- this one has a pensive look, and reminds me of a stuffed animal that I had once upon a time as a child. There are two Dokugan eyes in circulation: the other version is a cat-eye and freaks the shit out of me. Eye aside, Dokugan is a visually interesting sculpt and I think the unpainted clear vinyl brings this out particularly well (versions with spray also look great, though).

No paint on this one, but the eye-meltingly pink vinyl makes up for that.

Dokugan is a big figure and you will pay for him dearly. That is, if you can find him. Unlike TLK, Dokugan is pretty popular and gets snapped up instantly whenever it comes up for sale.

That's about all I have to say on this one. Sorry the pictures aren't better this time around. Sell me your Halloween Dokugan!

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