Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Nezrange - Mini Borugogon

Nezrange is a Japan toymaker who, in mid-2008, began producing soft vinyl toys of an unusual original kaiju, Borugogon. The oddness of the character is not its name (which may be onomatopoetic) but the concept and design of the toy.

Nezrage - Borugogon

Borugogon [花岩獣ボルゴゴン], whose full name translates out to something like "flower-rock-beast Borugogon," is built in two parts: an outer shell, and an inner rock monster. According to Nezrange's blog posts, the rock monster is the true form of Borugogon; the outer shell is supposed to represent the grass and other small vegetation used by Borugogon to disguise itself. The inner toy also has a gem in the center of its chest, which appears to be a removable piece. According to the blog, chipping pieces off the gem can allow Borugogon to multiply. I guess it is an asexual kaiju.

Nezrange's blog states that the monster can be found in sizes ranging from, well, toy-sized (10 cm / 500 g) to mountain-sized, although the latter are a rarity. Pretty creative way to explain the existence of a mini-sized toy. The ones pictured are all minis. Maybe if I whack them against the table enough, I'll get a big one someday.

Nezrange - Mini Borugogon

Borugogon is currently only sold through Monstock, which means that, yep, they're pretty darn hard to find. The Borugogons pictured did not come from Monstock, but the shop staff seemed surprised that I was buying them. They also had a ton of Destdons sitting on the shelf, so who knows how popular any of these things are in Japan. Regardless, I think they are a pretty creative concept with a distinctly Japanese aesthetic.

And in conclusion, it is possible to talk at length about these toys without using the words "Fry Guys."

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