Saturday, March 21, 2009

The rain is gone

EDIT 3/22/09: The title of this post is now ironic, because it rained really hard last night.

I was recently hooked up with some very cool CLEAR vinyls by a couple of great people...

Dream Rocket - Balbagon

Balbagon [バルバゴン] by Dream Rocket [ドリームロケット]! Yajima-san must like green, because there has been an abundance of clear neon green releases as of late. And that's ok with me, because I love green!

Dream Rocket - Balbagon

Dream Rocket - Balbagon

This Balbagon was released at Hobby Complex 06 in December 2008. An awesome painted version (also in clear green) was also sold at that show, and featured a new paint wash technique that really brings out the texture on this sculpt. These two toys, plus a new GID base yellow Balbagon, were sold (and sold out) on Dream Rocket's website tonight. I missed the yellow one!

Nakayoshi - Bengal (Fall Patchi-Summit 2008, lottery prize)

And in the other corner, there is Bengal [ベンガル] by Nakayoshi [なかよし]! It seems as though Nakayoshi has been experimenting with clear vinyl because this the first clear piece that I have seen from them.

Nakayoshi - Bengal (2008 Fall Patchi-Summit, lottery prize)

Bengal is Nakayoshi's latest original kaiju, and has been sold in elusively small quantities at various Japan toy shows. This clear version was given away as a lottery prize at a Patchi-Summit in November 2008. How did I get it? Hmmmm.. ;)

Size compare

This guy is a lot smaller than I thought he would be (some of the Ultra kaiju previously sold by Nakayoshi are enormous). But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Nakayoshi - Bengal (Fall Patchi-Summit 2008, lottery prize)

Nakayoshi's clear vinyl is very thick and pliable- about the closest to Gargamel vinyl that I have seen yet. It also brings out some of the more interesting textures in the sculpt... check it out- just like the Hexalite inserts in Reeboks!

Keep your eyes on the bottom right menu. I am working on the next installment of the Dream Rocket database, featuring Gumoz. This is my favorite Dream Rocket kaiju, so I'll be sure to do my best.


Anonymous said...

any idea where I can get my hands on a clear green balbagon these days?

RobotXMonster said...

Sorry, but I have not seen one for sale in a while.

You could try contacting the folks at Grumble Toy ( as they did have some in stock at one point.