Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Super Sized Hits Japan.

Happy pudding.

As Japan has always been a culture of moderate consumption in my mind, I was sort of appalled to find this behemoth on the refrigerated shelves of a Family Mart on a recent visit. The item on the right is not a drink, but a 480g cup of egg pudding. That is over 1 pound of pudding.

And I ate it all. By myself. In my defense, they only gave me one spoon. Obviously not meant to be shared.

The apple water on the left is quite good- sort of tart, but refreshing.

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Anonymous said...

M-MMM-MM Pud-d-ding! Time for me to eat a sugarless Jello brand caramel pudding cup. It's not as big as the one you ate but it is delicious for a sugarless product.