Saturday, October 31, 2009

[Etc.] Jones Soda - Dread Apple

Dread Apple was the second of 3 bottled Halloween flavors released by Jones Soda in 2008 (and again in 2009). While I thought we hit the jackpot last year with 7 different Halloween flavors, we are paying for it this year, which has been bereft of anything new in the holiday department.

Jones Soda - Dread Apple


Same as Monster Mojito, reviewed here. The label is an orange and black inversion of the usual Jones design. While I normally find pet costumes demeaning to the animal, I have a certain apprehension of large, flat-faced cats. They remind me of furry Jabba-the-Hutts. So it's cute.. like a troll wearing a party hat.


Again, not much of a smell.


A particularly deep shade of pink with ample carbonation. "Dread Apple" suggested to me that the actual flavor is 'red apple,' but maybe it's supposed to be a candy apple flavor. Per the principle of Wolfman's razor, the more Halloween-ish explanation is likely the correct one, so I call it candy apple soda. Next.

Jones Soda - Dread Apple


Mmm. I must confess to having a lasting affinity for apple-flavored candies and drinks, so my enjoyment of this sweet apple soda comes as no surprise. The added carbonation (in comparison to Monster Mojito) really perks the drink up.


The only thing to spoil the carbonated apple flavor is the truckload of sugar in each bottle. I am left feeling the need to immediately brush my teeth.


It's a sweet apple soda, so if that's your thing you'll probably like it. I did not try the last flavor, Blood Orange, but I don't like orange soda- aside from actual blood in the soda, I doubt there was much else to see there. Of the bottled Halloween Jones Sodas, Dread Apple is my top pick. See what I did there? Pick. Like picking apples. Oranges can be picked as well. It's still a good pun.

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