Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Sound of Thunder

Transformers G1 - Thunderwing
I give new meaning to the term 'inner child.'

Funnily enough, I had no interest in Thunderwing even though I was a fanatical devotee of the Marvel comics as a kid. My collection was pretty Autobot-centric- a Decepticon Pretender would have hovered somewhere between Gobots and Jumpstarters in terms of priority. Hell, I wanted Nightbeat- I STILL want Nightbeat (and not the repainted Hot Shot Doberman version).

Nostalgia for the awesome Matrix Quest story arc got the better of me, and I purchased the specimen above on a quiet night not long ago. He wasn't cheap (Thunderwing never is, due to both desirability and low production) but he was a good number of clicks below normal auction prices. I even broke my 'no loose figures' rule. Eep! But rule or no, if you think you're going to find this guy boxed without spending a mint, you are delusional.

Thunderwing showed up this afternoon and he's in fairly good shape, much to my relief. The only big problem is the rubbing on his black head crest, which was not shown in the sale photos. Otherwise, there is no discoloration and the joints are tight- save for the stickers, it is a really clean toy.


Bubbashelby said...

I still have my Nightbeat and he is every bit as cool as rumored.

I have a couple pretenders too, Cloudburst and Submarauder. My TF interest started waning at the time they came out, but then again, with lines like "Pretenders," it's no mystery why.

RobotXMonster said...

Lucky! I wish I had made more of an effort to acquire one before the prices started going crazy.

Weird gimmicks are usually a bad sign for a toy line, and I think Pretenders were just that. The later ones that had transforming shells (like Thunderwing) are pretty decent.