Friday, January 5, 2007

Ad Hawk

Just some tidbits from the last few days...

1. The HYPE (see below) apparently became the gripe when decided to crash on sale day. From what I've heard, some people were even ganked mid-order. Yikes. I'd like to pretend that I've never heard this story before, but I guess there are few online stores equipped to deal with a mad collector bum rush.

2. Picked up some Gargamel lucky bag swag today from the supplier extraordinaire. Also have a KT shipment coming in sometime soon... Check back later for pics and reviews. Lots of very cool stuff.

3. Tomorrow I get to pay a visit to Simone Legno (creator of the tokidoki line), who's making an appearance in Ala Moana Center. The question is, will there be an insane line or no line at all? I'm betting on the former.

4. If you're in need of a good mecha game to pick up, check out Exteel at From what I hear, open beta is right around the bend. It's a good mix of Korean FPS and Armored Core (of Playstation fame). I'm a staff sergeant! My account is going to get wiped! Yay!

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