Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Foto Fun

Just playing around with my new photo setup. This is so much better than taking pictures in the hot sun with the blinds open.

Trying out some directional lighting with my EXOHEAD Bolan- this is my favorite pic of the night. These guys are so awesome.

Shooting the new Tetran mini from Gargamel's 2007 Lucky Bags was a challenge in that the camera would typically pick up on the contrast between the neon green-yellow and black and oversaturate the image.

All it took to get this together was:

1 x 10" large work lamp from
(Home Depot)
2 x 5" small work lamps (Home Depot)
6 x rubber-tipped clips (Home Depot)
1 x length of black felt (Ben Franklin Crafts)
1 x length of white cotton (Ben Franklin Crafts)
1 x table/platform (already had)
2 x Modular wire storage cubes (Fisher Hawaii) (to hold up the dropcloths)

Easy... sort of.

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