Wednesday, January 3, 2007

[Dream Rocket] Giga Glow-worm!

What Is It?:

I'm not really sure what the hell Gmos is. I remember reading that he is actually an original kaiju created by the artist at Dream Rocket, based on drawings done in his childhood. That might just be a 12 hour day at work talking, though.

Gmos is part of Dream Rocket's Monster File collection, whose members include Gazura and Gilmos (both of whom were graced with Super 7 exclusive colorways). Gmos himself was featured as both a Super 7 (crazy green, pink and yellow) and Max Toy Co. (lemony lemon GID) exclusive in various colorways.


The sculpt of Gmos really appeals to me, as I'm a fan of all the sea creature / insectoid kaiju. His proportions are also quite nice- spikey, chunky, and carapaced (is that a word?) in all the right ways.

The artist also conveys the child-drawing quality of Gmos' origin very well. The slightly open beak almost makes him look as though he's smiling innocently- sort of a toddler-kaiju. I love the top set of T-Rexian arms that are too small to do anything but maybe scratch his chin.


I think the combination of GID vinyl and the blue, green, yellow and pink spray is what really makes this figure shine. GID just really works well with the softer pastels. Whereas GID with solid, bold colors almost looks like overkill, it creates a very nice fading effect when used with these lighter colors- the break between GID and paint is less visible. The GID also creates a gummy, almost translucent effect when it shows through on the tips of the spines. Overall, the effect sort of reminds one of a soft-shelled insect, newly emerged from its chysalis.

Gmos is made of a lighter-weight, stiffer vinyl. He's not squishy like many of the neo-kaiju figures from Japan.

Price Point:

Dream Rocket figures are pleasantly affordable. Gmos (and most of their other general production figures) shouldn't run you more than about 40 or 50 USD.


Gmos is a great sculpt, and this is my favorite colorway of the bunch. I used to have a little glowie dinosaur toy that was just these colors when I was a kid.

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