Thursday, January 4, 2007

HxHxH [the first]

HYPE: KAWS' 3rd Dissected Companion (who appears to have been eating some of that Polonium) will drop from on 1/4/07. Retail is $180, flip-tail is anywhere from $300 to 400, apparently. I think it's cool, but I'm not sure if I could display a dissected skull-and-crossbones Mickey Mouse parody in my office without getting some strange looks.

HOT!: RealXHead, the current hotness in Japanese neo-kaiju vinyl recently released a set of 4 "slime green" figures. I picked up the Fighter Chaos sculpt. I love this figure- it's just that perfect shade of neon green. It reminds me of Surge binges in high school. Mmmm.

HUH?: I think the Strategy of Gundam (more commonly called S.O.G. on the HK news boards) gashapon sets are the sleeper hit of 2006-07 for mini figures. Each figure only sells for JPY 200 (less than 2 USD), but it's insanely detailed and often comes with multiple accessories. The best part about S.O.G. is that they're going through the various eras of Universal Century history. We just saw the 08th MS Team set in S.O.G. 2; S.O.G. 4 (pictured above) will feature the full lineup of of Gundam 0080. Each set is also accompanied by an Ex line, which features the larger figures of the line. The Ex for this set will include the Hygog, a couple of Kampfer variations, Chobham armor for the Alex, as well as the first figures of the GM Striker and the Zaku Sniper! Collect them all- order your cases today from Hobbylink Japan (but beware- it's really a random assortment, and one case might not net you the whole set).

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