Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Ad Hawk II


No, it's not what happens when the holly falls into your stash and you accidentally smoke it.

This was the second-to-last figure in Kaiju-Taro's sleepless week of Christmas exclusives, and is made by the artist/company, Cronic. K-T even went the extra mile to put out this green colorway of the figure as a super-secret release; as you might expect, it sold out instantly.


These babies are a collaborative effort of EXOHEAD and Skull Toys, and were released last November. After hearing the reports of the small production run, I thought I was SOL. But never fear, supplier extraordinaire hooked me up with a pair of these at a great price!

I love the packaging so much that I display them in the box!


A cool fellow Skullbrainer sold me the set of Takara's Walder Alien team recently. I really just wanted Dokuro King to go with my Skull-Rexes, but I couldn't say no to the trio at the price I was given. Thanks man! (you know who you are!)


Hot from the tables of the World Hobby Festival in December, K-T sent me this oh-so-cool new release from Dream Rocket's Akakage Kaiju line. Doguma Gyakushu ver. (literally means Counterattack ver.) is made with a chewy center of GID vinyl, wrapped in a hard candy shell of clear pink vinyl. And it couldn't be sweeter.

Oh, and it glows like you wouldn't believe. Pics when I get a black light.


If you were wondering what the grids were in my last photo, this is the answer. It's my attempt at amateur photography. I tried to use the cheapest equipment and things from around the house. I just need the dropsheet to clip to the wire frame in the back.

Thank you, Fisher Hawaii, for being the last company on the island to carry those little modular wire cubes.

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