Friday, April 6, 2007

The Rundown.

Lazy today. Just got a bunch of stuff in the mail, which I'll probably photograph and review later.

For now, here's a list of all the things that have been featured on RXM thus far:

Amapro - Dengoo (10,000 volt type)
Amapro - Kingranpas (flying type)
Blobpus - 2007 Fukubukuro Dokugan (clear pink)
Dream Rocket - Gumos (GID w/ blue/green/yellow spray)
Dream Rocket - Doguma (Counterattack ver.)
Gama-Go - SDCC 2006 Gamagon (yellow w/ green/red spray)
Gargamel - 2007 Fukubukuro Basobako & Mini-Tetran
Gargamel - 2006 SDCC Mini-Bakobaso
Rumble Monsters - Snow Damnedron and Pharaos
TTToys - Grus (Lava Flow type)

Gundam - MSiA GuAIZ
Gundam - DX MSiA Sazabi
Gundam - EMSiA Sazabi

Gundam - Fusion Works Ultimate Operation Sazabi, Jagd Doga
Gundam - HCM-Pro SP-001 Sazabi (Special Paint type)

Machine Robo - Garbage Truck Robo
Machine Robo BattleHackers - BH-05 R-Jettan

Transformers - G1 Reflector
Transformers - G1 UK Stalker

Enjoy! Unless you've read it all before, in which case, sucks for you!


Gerrard said...

Hey, man. on Toybotstudios site you said that you have seen GID Gacha Mechas up for sale. May I ask where you have seen them because I would really like to find one. Thanks an take care.


RobotXMonster said...

Sorry, didn't mean to excite you. I just meant that I've seen them sold a couple of times on skullbrain, whereas a lot of the other versions rarely ever show up for sale anywhere.

Good luck, though. Just have patience, and I'm sure you'll find one in time.

Anonymous said...

No no, it's OK! Thanks!